Windy Road Partners with Catena Technologies to Improve Delivery Efficiency of Enterprise Applications

Catena Technologies and Windy Road Technology announced a partnership agreement today to help organizations in Asia deliver better quality enterprise applications in shorter timeframes. Windy Road’s BWUnit and TIBant products are used to design continuous delivery pipelines for building software using TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks. Catena Technologies will distribute software licenses and provide design, integration, and support services helping customers to make the most effective use of the Windy Road suite.

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What’s So Special About TIBant™ v2

TIBant™ v2 has just been released and for us, it’s very special. It’s not special because of any particular new feature within TIBant itself; it’s special because of how it has been released.

For a while now (see item 4) we’ve been students and advocates of continuous delivery and its sometimes scary cousin, continuous deployment, and it’s about time we started taking our own advice for our current projects. This is exactly what we have done with TIBant. TIBant was released using a continuous deployment approach, with commits to the code repository triggering a series of dependant Jenkins Jobs that run automated tests, create the TIBant zip files, publish them to an Ivy repository, upload them to Assembla and then post a notice on our website. All of it is automated; it’s been quite an experience. Continue reading What’s So Special About TIBant™ v2

TIBant™ 1.4.2 Released

We’re sorry it took a bit longer than we had hoped, but we are glad to finally release TIBant™ 1.4.2. While there are a couple of new features and defect fixes, we really want to draw attention to the new extract-properties macro, which converts existing configuration xml files to properties files that you can use with the configure-ear. So, if one of the reasons you aren’t using TIBant is because it’s too hard to migrate your existing configuration, now you have one less excuse.

A big thank you goes out to John Menzies from Think Platinum, who implemented this feature. This is our first community-implemented feature, which we think is really exciting. We don’t want to ’own’ TIBant, we want it to be a tool used by and belonging to the community. If there’s a feature you think is missing or you think should work differently, then please join in or at the very least please let us know.